10 sizes to choose from

Green-Diesel manufacture 10 processor sizes called the CERES range.
These processors have been designed by Craig Waterman with the following in mind:
Ease of use
Small footprint
Compact – 1 tank
Minimal pumps and piping
Quiet operation
Water wash system
3 day process
Quality materials
Multi-feestock processing capability

The processors require a low skill level to operate. Included with each processor are:
3 days training
Test equipment
Safety gear
Detailed instruction manual
Storage tanks (some models)
Life time support
Electronic books and documents

The cost of production is calculated as follows:
Cost of Oil + Chemicals + Water + Electricity
Chemicals, water and electricity are on average R2-50/L

The cost of Labour, Overheads and the expected Volume to be produced per month must be factored into the equation to calculate the total cost to produce 1 litre of biodiesel.

The following prices exclude Delivery and Installation.

Dispensing Systems:

These systems consist of:

  • 1000 litre tank
  • pump
  • fuel filter
  • flow meter
  • fuel hose
  • fuel nozzle

a.       220v A.C. Dispensing System R9900-00, for fixed installations
b.      12v D.C. Dispensing System R10500-00, for mobile installation (mounts on the back of a 1 ton bakkie)

BIODIESEL Processors: